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Fescisa 2018 Official Selection:

2nd San Antonio Independent Film Festival (2nd Fescisa), Ecuador

A- Feature Film Competition:


The Lightest Darkness. Rusia. By Diana Galimzyanova   

Even Lovers Get The Blues. Belgium. By Laurent Micheli

El Secreto De Lucía. Argentina. By Becky Garello  

Pechorin. Russia. By Roman Khrushch  

Agnus Dei. Kosovo. By Agim Sopi  

9bares. Spain. Angel Puado   



8:30. Austria. Laura Nasmyth & Philip Leitner   

Narration . Germany. By Thomas Taube   

Theox. Greece. By Giorgos Nikopoulos  


-Documentary Film  

Patria Dulce. Chile. By Juan Carlos Soto Martínez

Valentina. Germany. By Maximilian Feldmann  

Garzón/ Assange: El Juez Y El Rebelde. Germany, Spain. By

A Bridge Between Two Worlds. Canada. By Pascal Gélinas  

Endgame. United Kingdom. By Andi Reiss


B- Short Filmscompetition:


Behold, Such Clown. Denmark. By Jacob Pilgaard 

O Nome Do Dia. Brasil. By Marcello Quintella E Boynard  

Panic Love. Italy. By  Cristian Patanè  

Nicole's Cage. Germany. By Josef Brandl   

I Will Crush You & Go To Hell. France. By Fabio Soares & Célia Paysan   



Daniel. France. By Quentin Herlemont    

K.E.R.O.S.I.I.N.I Runoja Planeetalta. Finlandia. By Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara  

The Plates. Germany. By Maria Manasterny  

Feuer Wasser Erde Luft Und Zeit. Germany. By Maria Reinhardt-Szyba   

I Celebrate Myself. United States. By Mimi Garrard   


-Documentary Film   

Anormal. Colombia/España/Senegal. By Luis Galán   

The Shadow Of The Night. Finland. By Jari Oikuri  

Christ/El. Germany. By Andreas Gruetzner   

La Mudanza. Países Bajos. By Maria N. Dominguez

The Alien Trail. Cyprus. By Nicolas Iordanou & Sylvia Nicolaides  


An Absurd Man. France. By Kerian Samzun  

Cuerdas. Spain. By Pedro Solís García   

The Sky Underwater. Norway. By Maria Dyrvik    

The Beach Boy. Germany, Singapore. By Hannes Rall  

Home Delivery. United States. By Steven Baltay  



The Eve. Italy. By Luca Machnich 

Claire & Bruno : Une Histoire D'amour Et De Viande Crue. France. By Lionel Delebarre   

Oedipus Complex. U S A. By Lok Kwan Woo  

Lion. Spain. By Davide Melini       

The Dark Skin Of The Soul. Spain. By Allan J. Arcal    



Ainhoa. Spain. By Ivan Sainz-Pardo  

Indios Y Vaqueros. Spain. Emilia Ruiz   

#Selfie. Germany. By David M. Lorenz   

Migration. United States. By Daphna Mero  

State Of Emergency Motherfucker. Belgium. By Sébastien Petretti

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