BEST FICTION FEATURE: Larissa - Zócima Canelón (Spain, Ecuador)

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Two that did not count - Danny Trout (Canada) 


BEST FICTION SHORT: The pacemaker at night - Ad Bradley-Sanz (Germany)

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Julio, el de los perros - Manuel de Jesús (Argentina)

BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT: Sapos - Hugo Mondargón (Perú)

BEST TERROR SHORT: Head full of doubts - John Stevenson (USA) 

BEST ANIMATION SHORT: The Golden Cottage - Julius Brahms (Austria)


In the San Antonio Independent Film Festival more than 400 films were presented to competition, from 72 countries. On January 29, 2017, the jury's verdict was read, which was as follows:

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