Fescisa 2019 Official Selection:

3rd San Antonio Independent Film Festival (3rd Fescisa), Ecuador

A- Feature Film Competition:

- Feature Fiction

How To Be A Writer. Slovenia. By Irenej Vid Bosnjak

Santa Inocencia. Germany. By Meritxell Campos Olivé    

Schauspielerin. Germany. By Tobias Hermeling

The Devoted. Hungary. By Pozsgai Zsolt

Theology Of A Different Kind. Finland. By Tmj


- Feature Experimental

Ghosttown. United States. By Jon Cates

La Puta Es Ciega. Mexico. By Omar Jacobo

Larissa Is Tired. Argentina/Usa. By Jennifer Rangel


- Feature Documentary Film

Grecia En El Aire. Spain. By Pedro Olalla

Set In Stone. France. By Hemon Louise

The Ladies Of The Kind Death. Italy. By Fabrizio Galatea

Tikkun Ha-Lamed Of The Ha’ari Hakadosh. Israel. By Yossi Ashdot

Touch Of An Angel. Poland. By Marek Tomasz Pawlowski


B- Short Films Competition:

- Short Fiction

A Universal Love Story. Germany. By Natalie Macmahon

Backstage. United Arab Emirates. By Sachin Augustine

Bot. Germany. By Daniel Hoffmann

Coastland. United Kingdom. By Miruna Dunu

Spider. Canada. By C. Blake Evernden


- Short Experimental

Animal Cinema. United States. By Emilio Vavarella

Bad Life. Ecuador. By Karina Peña

Creatures Of Cowardice. Japan. By Touji Sawamura

Maelstroms. United States. By Lana Z Caplan

Play. Poland. By Piotr Sulkowski


- Short Documentary Film

Garbage Bin Meals. India. By Dr Satyakam Phukan

Landscapes: Land Escapes. United States Of America. By Milos Ajdinovic

Little Fiel. United States. By Irina Patkanian

Schnipsel - Scraps Of Paper. Germany. By Sven O. Hill      

The Yellow Stripe. Peru. By Héctor Jasso


- Short Animation 

Cupid Is Not A Terrorist. Switzerland. By Bellopropello

My Little Boys - The Lucky Cockroach. Taiwan. By Jack Shih

Sand And Flower. China. By Jiaqi Wang

Sweet Night. Belgium. By Lia Bertels

The One Who Tamed Cloud. France. By Nicolas Bianco-Levrin     

- Short Terror, Science Fiction, Fantastic

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood. France. By Fabio Soares

La Compasión. Spain. By Enrique Bueno Morcillo

Like Every Mornings. France. By Cédric Dupuis

That's Not My Intention. Indonesia. By Muhammad Rusni

United Forever. Chile. By Emilio Aravena


- Short Social 

Bienvenido Al Mundo. Canada. By Albert M. Chan

Bully. India. By Aroop Dwivedi

Dancing Without A House. Colombia. By Manuel Ávila

Venue: San Antonio de Ibarra, Imbabura. Ecuador. Calle Simón Bolívar entre Camilo Pompeyo Guzmán y Francisco Terán.

Centro Cultural Daniel Reyes

© 2017 San Antonio Independent Film Festival

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