Fescisa 2020 Official Selection:

4th San Antonio Independent Film Festival (4th Fescisa), Ecuador

A- Feature Film Competition:

- Feature Fiction

Rejected, Argentina. By Ivan   

F20, Croatia. By Arsen Anton Ostojic         

The Enemies, Georgia. By Giorgi Gachava  

Lebendig. Germany, By Michael Siebert     

House Of Sweat And Tears, Spain


- Feature Experimental

Drifters Of A Shadowy Dream, Portugal. By Paulo B. Menezes

Rahhala, Iraq. By Lujain Jo

Flesh City, Germany. By Thorsten Fleisch


- Feature Documentary Film

Ópera Prima, Uruguay. By Marcos Banina   

I'm Moshanty. Do You Love Me?, Papua New Guinea. By Tim Wolff

My Life On The Wire, Ecuador. By Marko Rivera

Hope Frozen. Thailand, By Pailin Wedel

Torre Das Donzelas, Brazil. By Susanna Lira


B- Short Films Competition:

- Latinamerican Short

Ecuador, Everyday Is A Training Day, Ecuador. By Ilma Vallée

Heroe, United States. By Julio César Bolívar 

My Days With Alice, Brazil. By Henrique Saladini

Camposanto, Uruguay. By Pedro Gauvain

Mi Primo Mateo, Paraguay. Sofía Villagra 

- Short Fiction

La Tercera Parte, Spain. By Alicia Albares Y Paco Cavero

Zatti, Our Brother, Argentina. By Ricardo Cámpoli

Chasm, United Kingdom. By Lewis Peake

The Funeral Dancer, Germany. By Natalie Macmahon

The Hood, United States. By Patricia Vidal Delgado


- Short Experimental

Anyone There?, Armenia. By Ashot Hovsepyan

Chaos, Italy. By Giacomo Morlando

Mujer Espacial, Ecuador. By Juan Sebastian Mosquera Calle

Let Us Visit Eternity For The Road Is Made Of Water, New Zealand. By Sebastian J Lowe

Universe. Germany, By Carolin Biedermann


- Short Documentary Film

Chloé Virgule, Canadá/Francia. By Chloé Gayraud & Andréanne Martin

Qamishli, Switzerland. By Arina Heussler

The Last Harvest, United States. By Alexis Spradic

Voces Berracas, France. By Marion Chuniaud

Retratos De Mi Madre. Germany, By Tavo Ruiz


- Short Animation 

Criss Cross, Germany. Caroline Hamann

Afterwork, Ecuador. By Luis Uson

Anacronte, Argentina. By Raúl Koler

Ridiculous Scholar, China. By Jancks

Them. Germany, By Robin Lochmann

- Short Terror, Science Fiction, Fantastic

Dearest, United States. By Megan Gale

Zombiosis, Spain. By Cris Gambín

Stuk, United Kingdom. By Nadira Murray

Blackout, France. By Andrey Golyshev

Dark Water, Australia. By Erin Coates & Anna Nazzari


- Short Social 

Anything For The Ones We Love, Canada. By Louise Marie Beauchamp

Sentir Tus Brazos Rotos, Spain. By Emilia Ruiz

Narote, Spain. By David Vazquez Vazquez 

Tradición, Spain. By Plácido Romero

Flour, Venezuela. By Joanna Nelson

Venue: Espacio KultuArte Simón Bolívar, Sala de TeatroCine "Sebastían Cordero Espinosa” - Calle Sucre 3-32, entre Grijalva y Borrero, San Antonio de Ibarra, 100157, Provincia de Imbabura

© 2017 San Antonio Independent Film Festival

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