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Fescisa 2024 Official Selection:

8th San Antonio Independent Film Festival (8th Fescisa), Ecuador

A- Feature film competition:

- Feature Fiction

Dead Man. Argentina. by Andrés Tambornino, Alejandro Gruz

For Night Will Come. France, Belgium. By Céline Rouzet

Son Of Adam. India. By Amartya Bhattacharyya

The Glass Of Friendship. Morocco. By Naoufel Berraoui


- Feature Experimental

Gandom. Iran. By Hashem Moradi

Los Paralelos. France. By Benoit Maestre

Strata. Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes, VestAndPage. Germany

Verdum. Spain. By Camila Urraiz


- Feature Documentary Film

A Thousand Pines. United States. By Sebastian Diaz, Noam Osband

Cheer Up, Folks! China. By Tang Jian

Miracle in the Heart of Bosnia. Bosnia and Herzegovina. By Sam Osmanagich

Por Mí Y Por Todas Mis Compañeras. Spain / Sweden. By Ivan Rodríguez Cuevas & Carmen Barrios Corredera            

Vitic Dances. Croatia. By Boris Bakal

B- Short Films Competition:

- Latinamerican Short

Natalia. Brazil. By Caio Aragão

Pedaling. Ecuador. By Valentín Vega

Spegnete I Mecheros Accendete La Vita. Ecuador / Spain. By Ángel Hernández Hernández

The Book. Argentina. By Cristian Cabrera

The Sink. Brazil. By Eduardo Mattos


- Short Fiction

I Promise You Paradise. Egypt, France. By Morad Mostafa             

Loop. Turkey. By Kadir Kandemir

Olga's Eyes. Belgica. By Sarah Carlot Jaber

The Monopol. Israel. By Gal Genossar
The Ball. Algeria. By Saifi Malek

The Reunion. Russia. By Lolita Naranovich


- Short Experimental

Mnemosyne. Greece, By Mário Fernandes

Scrupus. Switzerland. By Timo Paris

Heimatfilm. Germany. Marion Kellmann
Internal Cleaning. Ecuador. By Diego Martinez

Applause Colombia. By Albany Romero


- Short Documentary Film

Couples. Peru. By Toni Santos

From Sweden, With Love. Pakistan. By Muhammad Umar Saeed

La Cueva De El Castillo. 120 Años De Paleolítico... Spain. By Ivan Rodriguez Cuevas & Daniel Plaza Rubio

Return To The Childhood Home Before The Last Farewell. Portugal. By André Almeida Rodrigues

They Wanted To Be Loved. Mexico, Austria, Germany. By Bernhard Hetzenauer


- Short Animation

Colonel. Iran. By Parastoo Cardgar

Glimmer. China. Bo Zhang
Tom Thumb. Russian Federation. By Nikolay Lichtenfeld, Ivan Kostiurin

Not A Long Time Ago. Germany. By Marcus Günther

Silent Chirping Of Invisible Digits. Austria. By Vera Sebert


- Short Terror, Science Fiction, Fantastic

Gnomes. United States. By Raphael Cosme
Beyond. Ecuador. By Rommel Montero

Hunch. Brazil. By Luiz Parra

Persecuted Venezuela. By Mary Silva

The Dark Military. United States. By Loren W. Lepre


- Short Social

Arqueología En República Dominicana. Un Motor De… España. By Daniel Plaza Rubio & Ivan Rodriguez Cuevas

Come Back. Russian Federation. By Roman Duneshenko
Children. Ecuador. By Adrián Izquierdo

Constantly. Panama. By Dante Alarcon

Sleeping Jade. France. By Jonathan Boissinot


- Script For Short Film

A New Opportunity. Ecuador. By Eloy Osorio

I Don't Put A Price On It. Argentina. By Cesar Ponce

Passionate. Mexico. By Adrián Santamaria

The Voice. Brazil. By Bruno Amador


- Script For Feature Film

Discovered. Colombia. By Mario Velez

Take Care Of Yourself. Argentina. By Patricio Solis

That's How It Is. Uruguay. By Lorenzo Ferreira

Will Not Return. Cuba. By Valéry Salcedo


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Address: Laguna Mall, Av. Mariano Acosta, Ibarra 100102, Provincia de Imbabura, Ecuador

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